Leveraging multidisciplinary approaches to deliver high-quality and evidence-based services to enable our clients to optimize decision-making in a broad spectrum of sectors and thematic domains.
Centre for Management and Social Research (CMSR) is an independent research and consultancy organization delivering a wide spectrum of specialized services in the broad domains of management, social development, environment and capacity building. As one of India’s leading consulting and research agencies, CMSR epitomizes high-quality and dependable services that seamlessly blend quantitative and qualitative approaches to research, consulting and capacity development. Dedicated and competent team of professionals at CMSR ensure that the client receives quality and actionable services that shape policy and practice in India’s development process. 
Over the years, CMSR has carved out a niche for itself as Development Support Specialists in India’s development landscape. Its expanding base of clientele spans from governments and bilateral and multilateral agencies to corporate entities and civil society organizations. Our professional and customized services enable clients to optimize their decision making. Since its inception in 1994, building on its multidisciplinary competence has been an integral part of our continuous endeavours to take our services to the next level of perfection.