Shinsengumi Crisis. Shimura FamilySnack Smile4 Devas of Kabuki DistrictDiamond Perfume When Tae agreed to that, they lived together in a house in which Gintoki hid the other women he slept with (Tsukuyo, Yagyuu Kyuubei, Sarutobi Ayame and Otose) as well. Matsudaira Katakuriko (松平 片栗虎) is the director of the police department and he is also in charge of the Shinsengumi and the immediate superior of Commander Kondo Isao. Seeing Kagome take notes on a few scrolls on the desk as Masrur leaned against the balcony door. Sakata Gintoki and Kagura, who couldn't bare the thought of Tae suffering either, joined him. 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Production 4 Reception 5 Awards 6 Web series 7 Sequel 8 External links Yorozuya receives two similar and ultimately connected jobs: Elizabeth needs Odd Jobs to find Katsura, and a swordsmith needs the crew to find a dangerous sword named Benizakura. So people were quite surprised when they found out that she portrayed Ax-Crazy Blood Knight Ophelia in Claymore. Always without saying anything to anyone. 2 Years Later Matsudaira Katakuriko In Episode 223, Matsudaira was the central character as Katsura Kotarou disguising as a maid called Ichihara Ezurako spying on him. Both Hijikata and Gintoki were flirty with Otae, but she rejected both. She is an experienced combatant, allowing her to determine skill upon sight, like that of Kondou long before the two associated. Chiba Susumu Princess Bubbles is the 3rd Generation queen of Planet Gorilla. Her list of 'victims' include the following characters: Yamazaki Sagaru & The other Shinsengumi members. Though outwardly appearing sweet and good-natured, in reality she has a quick temper and a violent disposition, in particular towards 'gorilla-like stalkers'. She later died at the same time Blight was stabbed by Gintoki. Directed by Emiko Hiramatsu. She works at Snack Smile as a cabaret hostess to keep the family doujo Koudoukan going (though more often than not, she behaves more like a bouncer). Occupation(s): Sarutobi Ayame stated that not just Tae's physical condition, but also her will was weakened because of this illness, as Otae never took abuse from anyone before she was infected by the White Plague, but did nothing when she was abused by Ayame after being infected by it. It is hinted that Tae is meant to be the replacement for Kujaku Hime Kada, as her way of managing the Kabuki District is not all that different from the Peacock Princess Kada's. Just like Kada, Tae uses devious methods to harm the Yakuza lead by Kurogoma Katsuo, who does not approve of Tae being one of the four Devas. In Episode 151, Matsudaira and the Shogun went to the barber shop, where he just leaves Shogun all alone while he goes to a cabaret club. Brown Two years later, Otae became Kondou Isao "wife", for paying up her up on rebuilding her father's dojo. komaedamizuki reblogged this from simsfrg. Kondo is going to marry an actual gorilla. Later on Otae wished to make up for making her friends worry about her and therefore saved Kondou from the wedding with the Gorilla Princess by kicking her in the face, screaming "You bitch! She once admitted in her own words that she is 'flat chested'. Later on she was seen helping Gintoki and Hijikata who were both gliding down a snow hill without being able to stop. She's always wearing a smile on her face, due to her promise to Obi Hajime, the former instructor of Kodokan Dojo. Hair Color: However, this can not be considered canon as she was not seen actually making it in the manga, and the scene with her talking to Kagura afterwards was a filler. Gender: Tae was the witness of Shimura Shinpachi's and Obi Hajime's final fight. Anne of Green Gables (赤毛のアン, Akage no An, Red-haired Anne) is an animated television series, part of Nippon Animation's World Masterpiece Theater.It was adapted from the 1908 novel, Anne of Green Gables, by Lucy Maud Montgomery.Produced by Nippon Animation in 1979, it was first broadcast on Fuji TV from January 7, 1979, to December 30, 1979. Shimura Tae grew up with her brother Shimura Shinpachi and her father Shimura Ken in their family dojou Koudoukan. Pixiv Id 4483582, Gintama, Gekijouban Gintama Kanketsuhen: Yorozuya Yo Eien Nare, Hijikata Toushirou, Wonderful Wife Hair, Isao Kondo (Cosplay), Mayonnaise, Kamui (Gin Tama) (Cosplay), Sakata Gintoki (Cosplay), Fanart, Mobile Wallpaper, Fanart From Pixiv. Matsudaira wanted to destroy everything even when Prince Hata was on board, he didn't care about intergalatic politics but only interested in hurrying back to Kuriko's party. Date of Birth: Gintoki has to fight a duel with Kondo Isao, leader of the police force, who is stalking Tae. Ane-san voiced by Mahiru Konno. Hasegawa caught lots of fishes and Otae burned his sunglasses to start a fire. Even if you're hurt or want to cry, you're forcing yourself to smile. His love of life, Otae, will also gonna become a bride to Otae's childhood friend. --JFDB Hijikata Toushirou and Sarutobi Ayame were the only major characters Tae faced in combat as of yet. Romanized Name: The wife wants to go on a trip to get pregnant. Matsudaira Katakuriko He had been a troublesome kid, uprooting neighbors' daikon and stealing them. But seriously, Kondo still had more chance of getting laid than you. Koji's assignment is set to change his relationships with the women around him. What surprised people was that Shimura Tae is with Kondo Isao—there is a difference. Affiliation(s): However, they encounter shogun Tokugawa Shigeshige (Katsuji Ryo) wherever they go and are compelled to wine and dine him. Gintama Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. So he lied to the children that the police sells "Patriots", to avoid himself from being one of her victim during Patriot arc. After Tae beat Gintoki and Shinpachi up for implying that she's manly, Kyoushirou explained that she could be useful as she is the best female hostess and has a lot of experience as a hostess. Otae been save by Male Kyuubei but Otae did not switch her gender. For some reason, which escaped Gintoki's logic at the moment, it … They called him from Edo and reported that everyone turned into elderly chumps and he didn’t believe it. Ape Boy voiced by Paul Cowling and 1 other . Mostly her display of combat is limited to physical abuse against her friends, specifically Konodu. He is survived by wife, Hideko Kondo; sons, Ron (Shirley) Kondo, Steven (Lori) Kondo; daughters, Sharole (Danny) Manalo, Lynn (Jimmy) Mills; sisters, Aiko Tsumura, Rose Higa, Amy Morita, … Otae slept with Gintoki when he was drunk during a celebration. English VA: The Yagyuu family decided to have a battle with the Yorozuya and the Shinsengumi to decide whether they'll free Otae or not. Stainless Boy voiced by Shigeo Kiyama. Status: Weekly Shounen Jump Chief Editor 週刊少年ジャンプ編集長, komaedamizuki liked this . This mismatched husband and wife may find sympathy among other lovers due to the excellent performance between … They took Otae and left. Kagura thought Gintoki was eating something and attacked him. 30 May 2006 Kenka ha gû de yarubeshi ... Rate. After constant disrupting, Kuriko has fallen in love even more. 'The Emperor's…wife?' Otae has the same cooking skill as Bianchi from Hitman Reborn. When Kyuubei saved Tae from her debt-collector's abuse and lost her eye in the process, Tae promised Kyuubei to marry her and become her new left eye. Before Otae could be disappointed of everyone's behaviour by trying to seize the cat, Shinpachi (in his glasses) put on Otae's face, and she could finally see who everyone really were. Otae escaped back to her house and found that everyone was there. Race: Although not much is known about Nobume's origin, it is revealed that she was taken in as a orphan by the Tendoshu at a very young age and was trained by the Naraku Faction in order to be a professional assassin. Sou-chan had a mobile phone, but had not yet contacted her since his flight from the compound. He saw a giant cloud and stated that Takizawa Crystal must be there and ran out of piss. Alive When she finally realized where the real Gintoki was and what was going on, she beat Gintoki up along with the other women. Japanese VA: Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He earned the nickname of "God of Destruction", since his methods of solving problems is to blow everything up using bazooka, tanks among other things. They all didn't name their partner so they didn't figure out that they were all in a relationship with the same man. The jobless husband cheats on his wife and has no love for her. Before Gintoki could finish the sentence, Otae punched him. In fact, literally everything Shimura Tae touches will come out burnt, even sushi (which does not require fire to make). Gintoki and Katsura managed to activate the antidote and everyone in Edo got back to their old selves. She is introduced in episode 76 and plays a role in the Yagyu Arc as Kondou Isao's fiancée. English VA: When it comes in touch with someone's skin, it can lead to severe burns. He stalks her constantly since the day they met, though Tae doesn't feel the same way about him and very often beats him up. The women, who were all in a relationship with Gintoki at that point finally met, but didn't know about each other's relationship with Gintoki. Hasegawa and Otae were in charge of cooking. After that, Tae beat up the last guards protecting Otohime and finally continued beating Otohime up until she stopped her project. Katsugorō began training at the Shieikan (the main dojo of the Tennen Rishin-ryū) in 1848.As a young man he was said to be an avid reader, and especially liked the stories of the Forty-seven Ronin and the R… Official English Name: Other than Kondou Isao, Sakata Gintoki is also frequently on the receiving end of her rough treatment. They talked about their situation and made three groups. Zenzo's Father voiced by Michael Dobson and 1 other . The man suspects his wife may be using the walks as a pretense while having an extra-marital affair. 志村 妙 Otae was taken away by her childhood friend Yagyuu Kyuubei, who sacraficed her left eye for Tae's sake back then when they were children. She was eventually named one of the Naraku top three assasins. Voice Actors However, it did not come to this, as Sakata Gintoki, who she met at that point, prevented her from having to go this far. S1, Ep10. With Hiroko Yakushimaru, Etsushi Toyokawa, Gaku Hamada, Haruka Igawa. At first, Gintoki said that they were just friends, then he said that everyone in the Shinsengumi were homosexual, and that was why suppossedly Kondo fell in love with Otae. But Gintoki is busy repairing a roof. When Otae realized that Gintoki lost his memories, Otae intended to beat Gintoki up with a hammer until he regained his memory. Kyle C. Jones (movie). The heart wrenching love story between a married couple. After Kyuubei's defeat, Otae went over to her to hold her precious childhood friend in her arms. (Episode 117). She is a very brave and strong woman who always cares more about her family and closest friends than even about herself- very similar to Gintoki. She is very egotistical about her own good qualities, but very insecure about her bad qualities as well. Otae wished for Obi Hajime to be Shimura Shinpachi's brother for just a little longer and begged Sakata Gintoki to wait before he kills Obi Hajime. "Yeah, he's just like a husband without his wife, right?" Her childhood friend Yagyuu Kyuubei tried to save her from the debt collectors and lost her eye in the process, causing Tae to feel guilty and promise her to make up for it one day. [7] Her display of physical strength also included being able to punch holes in a wall without any effort, as well as creating a whole crater with a mere drop kick during the Ryugujo Arc. It is believed that her personality and traits is based on. ... Sanzo's Wife voiced by Erika Sudo. It's like the ethereal beauty of a falling flower!!" The film premiered in Japan on July 14, 2017. After Gintoki figured out what the source of the White Plague was and manipulated the past war to prevent it from spreading, Otae, who was now in great health again, came back to life and took part in the war. After she saw them, she got emberassed and Otae tried make her feel better. He also protected the SOS from the waves with his body, making Gintoki and Shinpachi furious. (Quote from Otohime about Tae's appearance) "She's beautiful! Strong Point(s): Hijikata tracks down Gintoki to fight him in revenge for the duel with Kondo. Eye Color: You bear the burden alone, you decide alone and you end up smiling alone.". Ironically, she has a constant fear of monsters, as seen during the Test of Courage in Episode 68 when she and Oryou entered the Test booth. I am the Queen of the Kabuki District!". When Otae and Ane fight for number 1 hostess, Ane called Matsudaira over until his wallet was empty. It was defined during the Guardian Spirits Arc to be a curse of the hundreds of eggs she had burnt, as a result of which all she cooks is now burnt. The Diamond Perfume (including Tae herself), the Shinsengumi and Katsura Kotarou were defeated by Sadaharu and Elizabeth. When Gintoki stopped her and grabbed her arm with his new charming demeanor, Otae started to develop romantic feelings for the new Gintoki. On the island, Hasegawa, Gintoki and Shinpachi saw Otae singing B’z’s Taiyo no Komachi Angel, and she got emberassed when she saw them. She can form dark matter out of any kind of food using only her hands. On their way, they saw Yorozuya and got lost on an island. Smiling brightly every single day, but you never show your true feelings in the slighest. Thus she constantly had problems with debt collectors, who even physically abused her brother. She played the role of Kagura's mother during Kondou's santa scenatio, the role of every pedestrian during Kyuubei's santa scenatio, herself during Sa-chan's santa scenario and a schoolgirl during Gintoki's and Umibouzu's santa scenario.